Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Everyone is talking about raya, well - I too want to join in the crowd he he he. I was attending this 'open house' organised by this non-profit association especially for its members and members' family and friends. We can say, it was quite a success - about 130 people attended the function, excluding children. As usual the agenda was quite interesting - there were ketupat making contest, nasyid song presentation, joget lambak and not forgeting tarian puco-puco (am not sure why this dance seems to be so popular) & karaoke singing, Busana Anggun Raya contest, the giving of 'duit raya' to children by the guest of honour and ofcourse 'makan'.

I was seated at the main table - don't quite feel comfortable there being a rather shy person - konon, but as a show of respect to all my friends especially to the 'guest of honour', I endured. Maaf ya YB - actually saya ni pemalu ba, tapi kadang-kadang macam pula muka tak malu he he he.

I was disappointed when the 'waiter' who attended the main table were not dressed properly. The Committee had hired this 'caterer' to supply the food and drinks for that night. The food was just ok (can't argue about it, since they maybe on a tight budget) but I thought the caterer should have provided a more presentable 'waiter'. Mind you, my appetite suddenly diminished when he served us - his shirt seems like drenched in sweat. To make matters worst, he wore a cap and slippers. Lesson learned: To all my siblings, whenever you are contracted to provide refreshments in any function, please make sure the people you hire to attend to the guest are properly attired.

Hari Raya Blues? - You may be asking.......Well.....actually there is this person asking me for a loan cause he's overspent for Hari Raya. What do you think? Isn't that Hari Raya Blues? What lesson can we learn this time? - "Beringat sebelum kena, berjimat sebelum habis." - Salam.


Kee Heritage said...

apalah tu dia beli sampai overspent? kasi duit raya?

liau said...

Entahlah tapi aku kesian juga ma dia sebab anaknya sakit ba ada barah