Saturday, October 18, 2008


Have u ever wondered why we speak? I speak according to my mood. Meaning I speak based on my feelings at the very moment. I even speak to my cat and rabbit as if they understand and can respond like human. Do you speak to your plants? There are people who think that if we speak kind words to our plants they will grow faster and healthier. Imagine how it will affect human? Some people have the gift of speech that they can move people into thinking and acting or doing the things as they would want them to do. Have you ever come across people who seems like talking to themselves? - thinking aloud ?

Generally we speak to inform, to persuade, to ask for help, to let out our anger, love, frustrations - meluahkan perasaan. Eh! aku geramlah sama orang ni - cakap ikut sedap mulut je! However remember "You are the one who decides how to feel and act based upon the ways you choose to perceive your life."
I remember long ago .........a very long time ago when I was still working I'm a VIP (very important penganggur) there was this person who called on the 'phone asking to speak to my boss.

It just happened that my boss was attending to a meeting at the 'Operation Room' - so I told this caller that my boss is not in his office 'cause he is in the 'operation room'. There was silence at the other end of the line.....I could hear him gasp ........ like in deep shock...... My brain registered that he had misunderstood what I was saying and quickly add ........'Operation Room like Bilek Gerakan and not Operating theater like in the hospital...'. I could hear the sigh of relief. "Ohooo ok, will call him later ....thanks."

See - he had misunderstood me. It is common knowledge in our office that our conference room is also known as operation room and I have taken it for granted that this caller knew. Sometimes we tend to speak about things that unknowingly may hurt our listener. Of course it can happen the other way around. So I am now quite careful when to speak and when not to speak - kadanglupa......he he he Melayu mudah lupa? - some people in the office have these pin-up picture framed up in their office/cubicle - Three monkeys siting over one another. First monkey had its hands covering it's eyes, second monkey had it's palms covering it's ears and third monkey covering it's mouth. Underneath the picture were written "See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil". It is the more important to mind our words when dealing with our customers - at times got to act - bodoh - zoombie. I sometimes find it difficult putting words into my mouth. I become incoherent. There are times I stammer. I wonder, is it a sign that I am slowly loosing my inteligant mind ? The feeling is scary.


AragangTandik said...

Tiba2 terniang-ngiang ditelingaku lagu yang sering dinyanyikan oleh kawanku dulu:

'Memang lidah tak bertulang'
...............(lupa) kata-kata
Tinggi gunung seribu janji
Lain di bibir lain di hati.'

Eeeh ada talipon - ada orang meninggal - kena pergi ziarah.

Kee Heritage said...


harap bukan meng la tu yang bikin kakak tensen.. hehehe..

AragangTandik said...

kaw kaw kaw - memang Meng ni 'smart kid'. U read in between the lines. Aku ingat suda senikata lagu tu:

Memang lidah tak bertulang
Tak terbatas kata-kata
Tinggi gunung seribu janji
Lain di bibir lain di hati
Aku pergi tak kan lama
Hanya satu hari saja
Seribu tahun tak lama
Hanya sekejap saja
Kita kan berjumpa pula.

DewiNuwa said...

mmm mcm biasa jgk adik ni becakap sama kucing laaa.. apa laa.. apa petandanya tu ah? sot suda mungkin wahahahhahwahahhh....

Cherry Lips said...

biasa la ba tu, aku dulu di kelas becakap sama diri aku yang lain biasanya aku ada 3 orang..iaitu aku no2 yang evil, aku no3 yang positif (nda juga baik tu aku no3)dan aku no 1 iaitu aku sendiri yang becakap sama ni 2 aku. Satu kali kawan aku ingat aku piara antu.. ades..

Ajeem said...

selamat berblog...hehee..

AragangTandik said...

kee kee kee keee = ketawa aku kalu itu Meng macam tupperware si yah yang pandai ketawa.

AragangTandik said...

Salamualaikum ajeem - macam ku kenal ba itu gambar - he he he