Friday, November 21, 2008


Just saw above film at HBO. I know its an old film but nevertheless it did thouch my inner being. Suddenly I felt like crying (hee si yus bilang kalu makin betambah umur ni makin sensitif) betul la tu yus.

Know what? - It confirmed my belief that we all live for a purpose and not by nature's accident like some scholars advocated. Everything that happened to us has a purpose - to prepare us for the part that we are meant for.- though we may not understand it at that point in time. It's up to us to search and find out what it is for us in this life.

"If it is to be, It is up to me" - anonymous


Aiso said...

hehe... nda juga sampai satu kotak tisu la kan bikin lap hingus.

AragangTandik said...

he he he nda juga lah tapi tergenang-genang lah n hampir2 ja mau jatuh. kesian kan.

Abang EL said...

Ya ba..aku percaya tu...dan aku juga percaya ba dalam dunia ni "nothing happened by coincidence, there must be reasons and meanings to it".. Apapun kita yg masih hidup ni, harus menemui jawapan "purpose" yg macik bilang tu.. doakan ya